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Dress for Success in Your Business Venture

Date : Aug 01, 2017 Category : Business

We’ve all heard the line that looks don’t mean a thing, but the reality is that in the world of business you’ll most likely be judged by your appearance before you say your first word of introduction. Whether you’re trying to score your first big deal or trying to get a bank loan in order to expand, you should plan to look your best whenever you’re representing your company. While the CEO of a major corporation can get away with jeans and a blazer you should go the extra mile until you hit that special million dollar mark. Here are some tips to help you dress for success:

Go for quality instead of quantity. A high-end suit will make a better impression than one off the racks of your local department store, so look for quality in both material and work. You’re better off saving up for a couple of expensive suits than buying a dozen that many of your clients will see as cheap, so go the extra mile. Look for clearance sales, discounts, and off-season sales to stretch your cash so you can afford what will look best.

Buy great shoes. Even if you only have one or two pair of really good shoes you’ll make a great impression if you keep them clean and polished.

Watch the trends. If you’re dealing with a particular company and are trying to impress, check out what the corporate employees are wearing. If they have a dress code of blue or white shirts you can copy that and will “fit in” with their corporate dress policy when you meet, and they’ll subliminally think of you as one of their crowd.

Be conservative. Even if you’re dancing to the music in your head you should try to conform to a conservative dress mode. Look for classic suits and shirts that won’t go out of style rather than trying to make a statement with the latest fashion trends.

Ask for help. If you’re totally out of the loop when it comes to clothing ask a well-dressed friend to give you some tips or go shopping with you. They’re most likely be flattered that you noticed and will be delighted to help!